Birding Tour Areas in Thailand

Birding Tour Areas in Thailand – Have you heard about the birding tour? It is a tour that aims to see the species of birds in a certain country. If you love avian fauna and want to join an interesting birding tour, you can join the Thailand birding tour. In this tour, you can see various birds that are rare and beautiful. Those birds are the native birds of Thailand. Where are the areas of Thailand widely used as the location of the birding tour?

– Kaeng Krachan National Park
The first location is Kaeng Krachan National Park. This Thailand national park locates at the Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan Province in Thailand. This considers and the biggest national park in Thailand. There are many things to see and do here for birds watchers just as there are many games to play for online gambling players. The visitor can see the wildlife and enjoy the fresh air. The green forest offers a comfortable place for some native birds and other species to live in the forest.

The bird watching activity considers as one of the most favorite activities chosen by the visitor in this national park. In the 0 up to 15 km area, you can see black-thighed falconets, sultan tit, black and red broadbills, greater flame back, ospreys, black-naped oriole, grey-headed, crested goshawk, vernal hanging parrot, sooty headed bulbul, thick-billed green pigeon, large scimitar babbler, black-headed bulbul and many more.

In the campsite area of the Kaeng Krachan National Park, you can see other magnificent birds, such as white-fronted scops owl, branded kingfisher, Asian-fairy bluebird, blue-throated barbet, brown hornbill, green-eared barbet, blue-winged leafbird, little egrets and others. The stream and the wild fruits become the source of the food of these birds.

– Thale Noi
The next area is the Thale Noi. It is a non-hunting district which covers the freshwater area. It can be found in the Phatthalung Province in the south of Thailand. It considers as a lake with fresh water. As the one of the largest freshwater lake in Thailand, Thale Noi offers various plants and insects as the main source of the food for many Thailand native birds, such as Baer’s Pochard, Masked finfoot, painted stork, black-headed ibis, spot-billed pelican and many more.

Thailand is a beautiful country that is well-known for its native birds. To see various types of birds in Thailand, you can join the birding tour. Here are the areas of Thailand which are widely used as the location of the birding tour. The first location is Kaeng Krachan National Park. The T next area is Thale Noi.

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Exotic Birds in Thailand

Exotic Birds in Thailand – Thailand is an exotic country in Asia with a beautiful landscape and fauna to see. The uniqueness of the landscape and climate brings some rare avian fauna that can be seen only in this county. There are many exotic birds in Thailand that you can see. Here are the lists of exotic birds in Thailand.
– Gurney’s pitta
The first list is Gurney’s pitta. This is a medium bird with colorful feathers in it. This bird considers as the rare bird and can be seen in Southern Thailand. This bird eats insects, worm and snail. The father is dominated by black and yellow colors. It has a bright blue color on the head and tail. This adorable and exotic bird is named after the British ornithologist, John Henry Gurney.

There are significant differences between the male and female of Gurney’s pitta, just as online poker games are different from the online slot games. The male has a blue color for the crown and the female has a brown color for its crown. There were only 9 pairs of Gurney’s pitta in 1997. This condition caused by the damage of the forest in its natural habitat.

– Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant
Another exotic bird in Thailand is Mrs. Hume Pheasant. Some people call it bar-tailed pheasant. This is a large-sized bird which considers as a forest bird. The height is 90 cm with a long tail. The male Hume’s pheasant has a longer tail than the female bird. The color of the male bird is more colorful than the female Hume’s pheasant.

The dominant colors of the male Hume’s pheasant are brown, blue and grey color. The female has a paler color compare to the male bird. The dominant colors of the female bird are brown and white. The female of Hume’s pheasant can lay three up to twelve eggs in the nest. They make a nest using the dried leaves, feathers, and small branches.

– Crested Finchbill
The next exotic bird list is the Crested Finchbill. It is a small-sized bird that belongs to the Pycnonotidae family. This bird comes in tea-green color with dark upright crested. It has paled eyes. This bird lives in a big colony. Its natural habitat locates in the middle of the forest and likes to perch in the upper twig. This bird is friendly to people and can be approached calmly.

There are many exotic birds in Thailand that you can see. They are Gurney’s pitta, Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant and Crested Finchbill. Gurney’s pitta is a medium bird with colorful feathers in it. Another exotic bird in Thailand is Mrs. Hume Pheasant. This is a large-sized bird which considers as a forest bird. The next exotic bird list is the Crested Finchbill. It is a small-sized bird that belongs to the Pycnonotidae family.

Reason Why You Should Be a Birding Traveler
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Reason Why You Should Be a Birding Traveler

There are various kind of hobbies that people can make. They spend part of their time to hang on looking for places, doing some interesting jobs which is for them is remarkable. Some are making their hobies into their main job and are just make it for fun in spending their holidays. One of hobies people like is to be a birding traveler. This kind of hoby is usually link to the one who love nature, things that is hard to catch. As of that, a birding traveler can be a huge fun if you know the reason to be the one.

4 Reasons Why People Love To Be Birding Traveler

The most excited thing is to spend rest of the week doing or having your hobies. Most people like swimming, doing extreme sports and others. Birding traveler also kind of wildlife hoby for the one who love to be near with nature. Instead of loving nature, here are reasons why people love to be birding traveler.

1. An excuse to go outside
The outside world always present things that sometimes we never meet before. When you are outside looking for birds, whether or not you will find different places and different condition that may change your world.

2. Niticing details of the bird
As common people know, the shape of birds are almost the same. However, being birding traveler makes you find the detail of their shape, color, voices that can interest you who like different thing. This makes you realise that strange thing is hard to find and see.

3. Complex hobies
Birding is considered complex hobies since it combines hiking, science and mind games. It is really wonderful to catch the moment when the colorful birds are flapping around your house or in other far places. It is not difficult for someone to accumulate the varied species of bird when they are hiking watching them, or sometimes guess what is name of the bird while watching them fly.

4. Economical kind of hoby
This is so because all bird traveler need is only a decent binocular or in fact it can be optional since people can still watch it their bare eyes. The other need such as, reference book, birding tour, birds club are optional regarding to your need on how expensive or how cheap you want your birding travelling to be.

Those are just main reasons for people to love bird watching. People can find more beneficial and enjoying bird watching while they already involve in it. Therefore, spending your pastime doing bird traveling will be exciting and beneficial for your own good. When you love bird, you will definitely love nature.

How To Choose Best Thailand Bird Watching and Photography Tours
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How To Choose Best Thailand Bird Watching and Photography Tours

Choosing best Thailand bird watching and photography tour should have the one that can get close enough to the bird so it can easily and greatly good to photograph them. Therefore, bird whatcher or photographer have to visit or choose the known stakeout for birds near the place you are about to take. This is for sure will also need some time to walk the road looking for birds. The bird stakeout here is functioned as the one who knows good chance for birds to come in close.

The bird photographer would usually focus on very specific target of bird and would definitely spend lot of time with them. They are trying to get as good as possible photo by adding some other bird species which then spend a lot of their time. Therefore, bird photographer need to choose the best place for bird watching in Thailand.

– Best Thailand Bird Watching and Photography Tours
Thailand has various bird watching places that bird photographer needs to explore. This country has main birding spots that are protected by law such as 96 national parks, 48 wildlife sanctuary, watershed reserves, forest park and biosphere reserves and some other non-hunting areas. These areas has various bird species that can be seen all the year round.

Furthermore, bird photographer needs good camera to take the picture of the bird since it is categories as wildlife picture. One of the most important thing bird photographer should have is telephoto lenses. It brings photographer a good clo-up view but still in the safe and respectful distance from the birds. The expansion factor of smaller sensor higher the possibility of your telephoto to reach the lenses.

Bird photography which is considered as wildlife action autofocus speed and accuracy which are the main consideration. Numerical ratings which are definitive usually not available for autofocus performance, but camera with high-end will deliver better autofocus instead of entry-level bodies. In addition, the suggested camera for bird photography are Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Fujifilm X-H1, Nikon D5, Nikon D850, Nikon D500, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, Panasonic Lumix GH5, Pentax K-3 II, Sony a9, Sony a7 III, Sony a6500, and Sony a99Mark II.

Best bird watching in Thailand will definitely effect the quality of the photo other than the camera. Bird lover needs to choose the right destination of bird watching places as well as the right camera to capture the unique birds.

3 Tips How to Choose a Good Birding Tour in Thailand
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3 Tips How to Choose a Good Birding Tour in Thailand

Thailand is known as most exciting bird watching destination. It has various and exceptional high bird diversity which is located in the crossroads of Southeast Asia. Thailand also known as most popular Asian destination for birders since it is a place for some finest cuisine in the orient with high quality accomodation. Therefore, it is no surprise that bird lover would choose this country for birding tour. This is why you need to know some tips to choose a good birding tour in Thailand.

How to Choose a good birding tour in Thailand

Since Thailand has many places for various birds species, it is taken to be the most favorite place of cird watching. Choosing a good birding tour needs to know some location in there

1. Searching the sites
Before choosing the birding tour in Thailan, it is better to select which one the most visited birding tour chosen by local or even foreigners. Eventhough Thailand has many places for it, bird lover need to maximise the number of bird species seen in particular places. Bird lover can choose searching the sites or map that is already stated in some websites. Thailand commonly has 6 regions where those are good for birding, are nothern, North eastern, central, western, south eastern, and southern Thailand. Those region are easy to establish where the various bird are.

2. Evaluating the birding tour
There are many birding tour in Thailand bird lover need to choose. After considering the tour, they need to evaluate what birding tour has. Commonly a good birding tour will provide good accomodation to the site where the birds easily find. Not only accomodation, the large knowledge toward the place is a must for a birding tour. Good stakeout or tour guide is seen from their capability to handle the tour and to explain the area as well as to guide them into the right place where the unique birds are found.

3. Choosing the birding tour
All good categories of good birding tour is usually seen from their official websites. Long experience of guiding birding tour is one of plus point for bird lover to choose. It is also a must for bird lover to adapt the habitation in there. Choosing the birding tour will effect on the quality of bird watching.

Similarly, choosing birding tour is a must for bird lover to have a good and qualified bird watching to spend in their holiday or even to make it as their dee for living.

Things You Need to Pack for Birding Holiday
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Things You Need to Pack for Birding Holiday

Birding holiday is commonly stated in a country with limited access to a huge supplies. In fact, traveler will be far from adequate shop and other facilities even in a developed country. Therefore, having these handy thing will ease your birding holiday. Beside, it will ease the traveler in case they have some difficulties during the trip.

  • Things to Bring While Birding Holiday
    Some people need to bring things that is require for their trip. Some trips require different things to pack. Therefore, traveler need to make a list to what are thing they need to bring during birding holiday.
  • Optic
    Binocular and camera are handy thing to pack for birding holiday. These thing is a must since the result of the photography would be the memory od the holiday. It is better to bring the small back-up pair of them to avoid the misplace of them
  • Electronic Equipments
    Some handy electronic equipment s are such flashlight, iPad/tablet, charger and cable, universal adaptor, as well as headphone/earphone. Flashlight is functioned as for doing checklist in an obscure situation. iPad/tablet is for editing the photo you have taken because it is more compact than a laptop. Charger is for other electronic battery needs. If you have multiple devices to charge, adaptor is the best choise. Earphone helps you to relax during bird hunting by listening to music or watching some videos.
  • Cloth
    Types of clothes is needed to be chosen seeing the weather of the destination because whatever the situation or the weather, good cloth will helps you feeling convert during birding holiday. Further, since the birding destination usually located in a mountain or forested region, thick clothes are the best choise to pack.
  • Things You Need to Pack for Birding HolidayyHealth-related knick-knack
    Travelers may pack sunscreen, hand sanitizer, anti-dehydration powders, and some medication such as cold and flu medication, energy booster, and cough drop. Furthermore, buff or bandana is also needed to be packed to keep the dust out of the place. This is a good way to prevent a cough.
  • ODDS and ENDS
    Cable ties is however useful in some situations, as well as extra shoelaces. Super glue is also needed for medical situation, a carabiner, leatherman (optional), large zip lock bag since traveler may be in need of waterproof thing or a makeshift laundry bag.
  • Additional thing
    For coffee lover, it is good to travel like hunting bird while enjoying morning or afternoon coffee break in the middle of the forest. An Aeropress is good to pack while birding. It is quick and easy to clean and very lightweight.
3 Tips for Planning Your Birding Trip
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3 Tips for Planning Your Birding Trip

This is a must for every travelers to plan a trip especially for wildlife trip. First of all is cleaning up the tools for photography such camera and lenses. Upgrading the camera is a plus point to have meaningful travelling. Nevertheless, that is not the only one to prepare. There are still a lot to do. Here are tips for bird traveler to plan their trip

Thing to Do to Plan on Birding Trip
Birding trip is quite similar to vacation package. There will be places to visit and time to gather as well as the itinerary. Therefore, planning the trip especially for wildlife trip is needed in order to have a meaningful and beneficial birding trip. As to the concern, here are tips for birding traveler to plan their birding trip in order to have best birding trip.

1. Setting up the plan
For the one has never visited the destination country, you are needed to have a tour guide to guide you in and out. Beside, some forest where usually bird hunting is located sacred some rituals by the local people so nobody is aimed to break the rule. Therefore, planning the tour is the first step to do. The travelers need to check on the permission on the holiday in the destination country or even the permission toward how long they can be in the forest. Contacting the travel agent is also needed to discuss the price and the whole itinerary. Copy of the passport to the travel is a must because they have full right to deny the application.

2. Checking payment system
This is the second important step to do by travelers because different destination require different term of payment. There are destination that require 3 months before the travelling and some even longer than that. Commonly for the amount of down payment is half of the total payment. Meanwhile, there are destination that is not require such things.

3. Cancellation
It is possible that some plans will have alteration in the last minute. Therefore, traveler need to prepare the payment for cancellation fee. Different travel agent will have different policy about the cancellation.

After of all, the most important thing to do is seeing the weather’s and season of the birding destination. Setting the plan for birding trip is a must for every traveler since it requires thing to do in the destination.

6 Most Visited Birding Sites on Thailand
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6 Most Visited Birding Sites on Thailand

Thailand is the most quintessential birdwatching places of southeast Asia with various living bird fly on it. There are parks that can be visited as the introduction of Thai birds. These park will provide good selection of bird within the year that becomes most favorite place for bird lover. Therefore, some most visited place for bird lover need to be consider.

6 Most Visited Parks for Bird Watching in Thailand
As Thailand known for its house of various birds, the government of Thailand protect its bird living place under the law. Some most visited parks by bird watching in Thailand are;

1. Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park
This park often known as “green lung of Bangkok” called Bang Krajao. It is located in the province of Samut Prakarn and surrounded by city of Bangkok. This park is opened in 2003 where half of the park stand overgrown coconut plantation which in fact attract lot of bird species. This park consist of a lake with garden next to it in a medium size.

Suan Rot Fai

2. Suan Rot Fai
This park used to be used as golf course until the year of 2000. It is located in Bangkok, and in some times, traveler will be impressed to fell like in somewhere really rural and suburban. This happen because the birds there create a valuable oasis which can be seen in 2 to 3 hours in the morning. Furthermore, it only need short trip with taxi from central city. Suan Rot Fai has at leat 40 species of birds.

3. Suan Lumphini
One of valuable areas for bird watching located in greenspace areas of Bangkok. During September to October and April-May, most interesting species appear in Lumpini park where a number of species is recorded.

4. Suan Luang
The reason to visit this park is the short trip to Bangkok and good for them who only have few time for bird watching. This park is designed in tribute to the king. Therefore, this park is manicured carefully, covered with planted borders and sport areas. This park is good for them who like greeny town with valuable birds on it.

5. Suan Phuttamonton
This park is located outside Bangkok and neighbour of Nakorn Pathom province. This area attract a huge number of birds and included into a good place for picnic. This park consist of open woodland with womn grass under the canopy where some birds also flies over there.

6. Doi Ithanon National Park
This park is located in Thailand’s highest mountain.the large area becomes the place of quality huge number of bird species. This park allow bird watcher to spend some time on the trail to look for many unique birds.

Things You Need to Know about Best Birding Sites in Thailand
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Things You Need to Know about Best Birding Sites in Thailand

Thailand is located an independent country located in South-east Asia. This country has been known as zoogeographic crossroad because of its great avifauna where many bird visitors from all over the world travel to this country for bird watching. There are about 962 bird species are recorded which means 10 percent of the whole population are in Thailand.
Season, Place and Birding Activity in Thailand

During November to April, this country will have its dry season while the rainy season is happened in May to October. Meanwhile, the southern and southeastern have their rainy season during November to January. Geologically, the west and southwest of Thailand has a huge large of forest which is devided by Burmese border by the Tanassarim range. Furthermore, peninsula Thailand is located in the southern part where various species of birds are living.

Birds commonly live in a greeny and large place. Scientist often find a strange and new species of birds that are found in Thailand. This country is also well-known from its variety types of forest where huge birds are there, such as evergreen forest, deciduous forest, dry dipterocarp forest, coniferous forest, bamboo, forest on limestone, mangrove forest, freshwater swamp forest, and someother forest with its types of birds.

In addition, Thailand has a group of bird watching called Bangkok Bird Club (BBC). This group consist not only the local but also some other foreigners. They develop their activities then change the name of the club into Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST). Their activity are developed and suddenly spread into another small club.

Furthermore, Thailand is often choosen to be birding destination since it has 96 national park in total, 48 wildlife sanctuaries and some other non hunting areas, forest parks, biosphere reserves, watershed reserves and some other places that has been protected by government law. Some parks and other reservation which is full of birds are usually planted with canopy.
In last, since Thailand has various places of birding, various sites and tour guide also easy to find. Some birding parks that is famous in this country are Kaeng Krachan (Petchuri province), Khao Sam Roi Yot (Prachuapkirikhan province), Erawan (Kanchanaburi province), Chalern Rattanakosin (Kanchanaburi province), Sai Yok (Kanchanaburi province), Khao Laem (Kanchanaburi province), and Sri Nakarin ((Kanchanaburi province).

Reason Why You Need Thailand Birding Holidays
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Reason Why You Need Thailand Birding Holidays

Bird is one of animals which we can’t see it flapping around every day. We are in fact every day surrounded by these flying, best vocal and colorful creature. Another fascinating fact, it is actually dinosaurs. It is the only one surviving lineage of dinosaurs which pass a great extinction 66 million years. Further, Thailand is a place of a huge species of birds. That is why you need Thailand for having bird watching holidays

4 Reasons Why You Need Thailand Birding Holidays

1. Thailand as House of Birds
Birding helps people to connect with nature since this creature is one of nature ambassador. There are thousand species of bird flying across the islands and parks. After having a huge working activities, it is time to connect our mind with nature. Bird’s voice, colors, and their plumage pattern helps us to reconnect and learn about the green nature. Thailand is a place of thousands bird species which can be easily found in some places.

2. Birding is Fun and Healthy
Spending time looking for birds in Thailand will be great for human physical, mental as well as emotional health. It is so since we are running try to catch up with some birds rather than just sitting and watching movie at your house. Beside, looking for birds in an open air close to the nature is healthy and good for every aged people. Spending holiday for bird watching in Thailand will slowly stimulate your mind in healthy ways. Our brain keeps on having green forest as our place to spend and for sure will spend energy for health. Whether you do birding alone or not, birding activities can gain happiness experiences.

3. Having New Friends
In Thailand, you will find the tour guide which is the native of the place. Some other from are local bird watcher who are known as respectful inhabitant. Birding in Thailand will also create some small or large group around from the world. The modern era where internet is spread around the world makes bird lover meet even create a group of their own. Sometime arrange schedule to go birding together after the free information across the planet.

4. Easy Way to Access
Any bird enthusiast will know that Thailand is valuable place for many living birds. Beside, not only in the forest, in fact the huge urban such Bangkok also have full of birds in some parks that is created by the government. The parks in some city only takes few hour to travel to the park.

Those are only few reason why people need birding holidays in Thailand. Bird lover will have more reasons to choose Thailand for birding especially for Asian. In addition, Thailand is a good and welcome country for bird lover from all over the world.

How To Plan The Birding Tours In Thailand
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How To Plan The Birding Tours In Thailand

Interested in joining the birding tours? Then prepare things well. Cleaning up and upgrading the camera is not the only thing to do. Book the trip and pay attention to the detail. Keep in mind that many people are expecting a nice trip. Don’t be a mood breaker just because of administrative problem.

Set The Plan
It’s Thailand! Unless the guest has been there before, then it is not recommended to go to the forest alone. It is better to have experienced guide show the way in and out. For additional information, some jungle in Thailand is sacred and local people do some rituals there. Nobody wants to break the rule they don’t know exist, right?

Thus, the first step is planning the tour. Check on the leave permission whether the guest is allowed to have longer holiday in Thailand. Don’t forget to contact the travel agent. On the first call, the guests might ask about the price and the whole itinerary. If the schedule has been set, don’t forget to send the copy of passport to the travel. Otherwise, they have full right to deny the application.

Another important thing is checking the payment system. Some travels puts different conditions for different destination. For instance, the destination outside Thailand require advance payment at least three months before the date. The amount transferred should be at least half of the total price. Some other destinations in Thailand might not need such requirement. It is okay to pay or cancel the book one day before the tour.

Long term holiday plan might have some alteration in the last minute. In this case, the guests should be prepared to pay the cancellation fee. Check the date for the cancellation. Is it 90 days before the scheduled tour? Then there is no penalty that should be paid.

The guests might not be able to get the full refund if the cancellation is made between 90 to 30 days prior to the tour. Half of the cost has been paid to the third party such as hotels and restaurants to make a reservation. Thus, it is not possible to get all the money back. Any cancellation made before thirty days of the tour will get no refund.

The birding tours is more or less similar to the vacation package. There will be itinerary, places to visit and time to gather. Before the guests could get more details about the tour, don’t forget to settle the payment and give notes to the guide! Spend a little more effort to prepare the tour!

Meet Baya Weavers In The Birding Tours
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Meet Baya Weavers In The Birding Tours

Nowadays people love the idea of birding tours. It is basically an activity where the tourists visit the bird natural habitat. During the visit, the guests will be accompanied by the experienced local guide. This is a plus point, since the tourist could ask more details about baya weaver.

The Daily Habit
In Thailand, there are three species of Baya Weavers. It is normal to see them on the tress and any other areas near to the paddy field. They feed on seeds. Where do they get them? From the paddy field of course. When it is far from harvesting time, the birds fly to the deep of the forest. Aside from the tree and paddy field, the baya weavers species could also be found near the lake or damp.

The male species from this species is mesmerizing. The feather is yellow and gold, starting from the head and down the tail. The wings, in contrast, is gray black. The peak and the eyes are also pitch black.

Peak-Made Nesting
Any product made personally by humans is called hand made products. In birds stand, the nest is made by tying several tweaks, brought together in place using their peak. Thus, the nesting is “peak-made”. The visitors who can get the pictorial of the building process would be so lucky. They could literally snap how the small bird fly back and forth to find the suitable tweaks.

Before baya weaver starts building the nest, they pick a branch first. Then it starts make the base from the branch, down to the dome. There is also a entrance and nesting bed for the female. It is quite difficult to frame the entrance since the entrance is located at the top of the dome.

There are more interesting pictures to snap when the female bird inspect the nest. Some females will check the nest bedding, wriggling their tails and sit on it. If they don’t like the nest, then the females will fly away. Should the nest could please the female, then they will mate right away. When it happens, the nests is automatically closed for the other females.

In the normal days, baya weaver is considered a pest. Why? The little birds love to nip on the farmers’ paddy field. Sometimes, they come in a big group, eating wholeheartedly. All these disturbance might just disappear when the nesting season comes. Join birding tours and see how amazing the nest is!

What Cost Birding Tours Does Not Cover?
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What Cost Birding Tours Does Not Cover?

When someone registers to birding tours, there is a note on the form about all the facilities provided by the travel. Make sure to check whether more insurances should be added. It is better to feel safe rather than sorry.

During the registration process, the tourists should present their travel insurance. There are several types of health insurance, some of them cover all things: health accident, repatriation and accident. Pick the one that includes all of them. It might be a little bit more expensive and safer in many ways.

Please keep in mind that the travel will not pay for any of the guest’s loss. If they plan to bring expensive stuff, it it their obligation to register the items to the insurance. Also check the process to claim the medical cost, just to make sure.

Passport And Visa
Traveling from different countries? Don’t forget to see the expire date of the passport. If the legal document is not valid anymore in the next six months after the trip, then stop the planning. It is too dangerous, as the guests might get into some document checking. Several cities are just so strict about the rules.

Visa is a must for countries abroad. The cost of Visa making procedure is not covered by the travel agent. However, the travel agent might be able to help. It is an option given to the guests. If they know different agent and pay cheaper price, then go for it!

Another cost that is not paid by the travel agent is vaccination. Don’t forget that the tour takes place in the forest. There is a high chance to get bitten by unknown animal and get infected after. To prevent such event, consult the closest hospital. Mention the plan to join bird tour in Thailand. They usually have the list of vaccination to get before the flight.

Those who forget to get the shot will be forced to take them in Thailand. Of course, the cost caused by additional shot would be settled by the guests. Similar action will be taken if the guests are sick during the tour.

Take note that the travel agency is not the insurance agency. The visitors who lost something cannot ask for the refund. Some of them are covered within the insurance cost, while personal belongings will be the responsibility of each guest. Don’t miss the joy of birding tours for a simple mistake!

Enjoying Forest Birds within the Friendly Heart of Thailand with Field Guide Tours
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Enjoying Forest Birds within the Friendly Heart of Thailand with Field Guide Tours

Thailand is considered to be one of the friendliest countries within Southeast Asia. This old country is also known for its unique lifestyle, language, culture and food. These are the main reasons why many people all around the world want to visit Thailand. One other reason why Thailand is very popular is because it offers the visitor enjoying forest birds with great variety of bird species.

– About the Tours
As mentioned previously, Thailand also showcases the various birds which are able to attract the curiosity and interest of foreign people. Due to the popularity of the birding tours, local people started to open the service to accommodate people who want to see the collection of birds within Thailand forest and wildlife. One tour agency which provides the service is Field Guide Tours.

This tour agency started to operate from 1985 and they have been able to present high-class birding tours since then. This birding tour offers more than 120 private and advertised tours every year. The tour may be dedicated for small groups. In general, they will arrange the itinerary of the birding trips for private groups and birding clubs. They are also able to arrange the tour for several groups.

Enjoying Forest Birds within the Friendly Heart of Thailand with Field Guide Tours– The Clients
Basically, many clients who have used their service are birders with various skills and ages. If you want to use this service, in fact, you don’t need to be an expert in bird field. This travel agent is committed to develop your knowledge and skill on birds. What you need to do is just enjoying the tours and observing the most fascinating and wonderful birds in the world. Here, you will also have the chance to enjoy distinct cultures, amazing landscapes, and other bird wildlife.

The main reasons why many people using tour are because they are able to arrange the tour itinerary in careful manner. They are also able to give pre and post birding tour information. They are also able to manage the logistics properly. The tour guides responsible in this birding tour are all having excellent skills on birds so that they can supply complete information for the clients. The tour guides are also friendly yet warm who are committed to give their best service to give unforgettable yet adventurous experience for their clients.
Find more about Field Guides tour in Thailand if you want to know more about their package for enjoying forest birds as well as other amazing attractions in Thailand.

The Birding Tours Package Offered by Eagle-Eye Tours
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The Birding Tours Package Offered by Eagle-Eye Tours

If you plan to visit Thailand in the future, you need to know what you can do while you are there. Thailand is famous for its bird-rich country in Asia. Most tourists or visitors in Thailand like to enjoy such fascinating bird species. Due to its great collection of Bird, many Thailand tour agents offer the service for the tourists with the birding tours package.

1. Overview
As mentioned previously, Thailand is famous for its amazing collections of bird species. Some species of these varied yet rich birding also includes some enormously rare birds like Spoon-billed Sandpiper. Most birds which will be visited during the tours are also very unique and special which belong to certain wildlife. The tourist will be also taken to varied bird wildlife locations such as Doi Lang, Doi Ang Khang, Doi Inthanan, Khao Yai, and Kaeng Krachan.

The birding tours offered by Eagle-Eye Tours will also include the visit to various habitats of birds, extensive yet marvelous sanctuary and park where the tourist able to enjoy broad bird species and also various Palearctic migrants.

2. Itinerary
If you are interested in using the service offered by Eagle-Eye Tours, you will get the schedule for your tours.

– Day 1
On the first day of the tours, as you arrived in Bangkok, you will be welcomed with a dinner. After the dinner, you will have your free evenings.

Yellow-bellied Prinia– Day 2
The tour will start by visiting Phetchaburi and Mahachai Mangrove Forest. After early breakfast, you will take 40 minute drive to Public Park and Wat Chalerm Phrakiet temple. At these two locations, you will be introduced with some common country birds. Then, you will be visiting Wat Chong Lom temple to enjoy edible-nest Swiftlet and Mahachai Mangrove Forest and see other birds like Golden-bellied Gerygone, Yellow-bellied Prinia, and many more.

– Day 3
You will visit the and enjoy the rare birds, Little Egret, painted Stork, Spoon-billed Sandpiper, and many more. You will also visit the nearest Royal project. You will also visit Laem Phak Bia Sand Spit after lunch and enjoy other bird species.

The Birding Tours Package Offered by Eagle-Eye Tours– Day 4 and 5
The focus of tours will be in Kaeng Krachan. You will spend most of the time enjoying the birding tours in spacious Kaeng Krachan National Park. It is famous as the largest national park in Thailand.

If you are interested in using the birding tour package offered by Eagle-Eye Tours, you can start calling and booking your spots. As the birding tours are very famous, you don’t want to miss your chance of losing it. Enjoy!

What to Include in a Week Birding Tour in Southern Thailand
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What to Include in a Week Birding Tour in Southern Thailand

Of all countries in the world, Thailand is named as one of the best destinations for birding tour. Thailand has plenty of places for seeing birds especially in its Southern part. If you are currently planning a bird tour in this country, although just for one week, check the following information to find out what to include in birding tour in Southern Thailand.

– Day 1
This day is your arrival day in Thailand. You may arrive in the country somewhere in the evening. You will need to stay over in Bangkok for a night in nearby hotel.

– Day 2
This day marks the beginning of your birding tour. On this first day of the tour, you need to leave Bangkok early in the morning to reach Pak Thale which islocated in Phetchaburi. Going there may take you around 2 hour drive. In this area, you will be able to see one of the endangered birds named Spoon-billed Sandpiper. Besides, you will also be able to see Sand-Plover, Malaysian Pover, and many more kinds of birds.

Nordmann’s Greenshank– Day 3
On this day, you will need to move to Laem Pak Bia to see Asian Dowitcher and Nordmann’s Greenshank. Then, you need to go to Kaeng Krahan which is going to take you around 30 minute drive. In that area, you could visit Baan Song Nuk to see Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush and Lesser Neclaced Laughingthrush.

– Day 4 and 5
On day 4 and 5, you need to move to Kaeng Krachan. The habitat of bird here is mixed with the open bamboo stands, open woodland, and also lush montane forest. Some possible species you may find here are Greater Yellownape, Oriental Pied-Hornbill, Black-and-red Broadbill, Black-thighed Falconet, and Sultan Tit.

Birds Spotted Owlet– Day 6
Then on day 6, on the morning, you should go to a Buddhist temple named Wat Khao Luk Chang. It is just going to take 30 minute drive. This place has great habitat of bird on grounds. When visiting this place, you need to see the main species of birds here named Spotted Owlet, Rufous Treepie, and Blue-throated Bee-eater. Aside from those species, there are still many more kinds of birds to see for sure.

– Day 7
Finally, on day 7, you need to go back to Bangkok to catch a flight at Suvarnabhumi International Airport for your flight back to home.

Your birding tour in may only be 7 days but you can still squeeze many agendas to your bird tour. Even 7 days can already cover a lot of destinations and bird species. Happy traveling!

Getting to Know Birding Tours in Southern Thailand
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Getting to Know Birding Tours in Southern Thailand

Thailand is indeed a beautiful country. This country has lots of beauties that we could enjoy when we visit it. Even more, the places worth visiting in Thailand are not only the ones in the capital city, but also the ones in Southern Thailand. If you happen to visit the South part of this country, make sure you include birding tours in Southern Thailand in your itinerary.

– Southern Thailand and Its Birding Tours
Southern Thailand is a part in Thailand that can offer incredible Sundaic avifauna. You can find that natural beauty by travelling down peninsula that makes this region unique within the country. In the past, this region was entirely a rainforest. Yet, deforestation along with its conversion to rubber and palm oil turns the region into a restricted forest habitat with hill slopes and with nearly none forest remaining.

Getting to Know Birding Tours in Southern ThailandIn this region, there is another essential bird habitat with a couple of sites on the coast of Andaman that is rich in various species. Some sites of shorebird are other important habitat that is complemented with wetlands adding variety of the options of birding there.

There may be no more habitats left in the region of Southern Thailand that owns lowland avifauna that is complete. Yet, by paying a visit to some sites many key species could still be found. This regions main attraction was the Gurneys Pitta. Unfortunately, this site was no longer active as the opportunity of seeing the animals is virtually zero. There are lots of awesome birds in this Southern Thailand region though; but birding activity in this area is somehow challenging and requiring the visitors to have great amount of patience.

Getting to Know Birding Tours in Southern Thailand– The Highlight
Although enjoying birding in Southern Thailand is a little bit difficult, it doesn’t mean that you cannot see any birds there. To give you some guides, here are some highlights that are a must visit in Southern Thailand: Malayan Banded Pitta, Mangrove Pitta, White-crowned Hombill, Beach Thick-knee, Nicobar Pigeon, Spotted Wood Owl, Bltyhs Frogmouth, Crested Jay, Olive-backed Woodpecker, Bat Hawk, Brwon-winged Kingfisher, Black-and-red Broadbill, Malaysian Rail Babbler, Chestnut-naped Forktail, Buff-necked Woodpecker, Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, Green Broadbill, Grey-tailed Tattler, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Ruddy Kingfisher, Malaysian Honeyguide, and many more.

Birding tours in Southern Thailand is both incredible and challenging. To make the birding tour easier, try checking the highlighted spots above. Go explore the Southern Thailand and have fun in Thailand!

The Itinerary oh Birding Tour in Southern Thailand
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The Itinerary oh Birding Tour in Southern Thailand

Thailand has more than just plenty of tourism attractions. Even in the southern part of it, you have lots of places that are great to have a superb experience: birding tour in Southern Thailand. Read the information below so that you won’t miss this experience when visiting Thailand:

The Itinerary oh Birding Tour in Southern Thailand– Product Information
To give you a short introduction to this program, here are some important points you should know regarding the birding tour in Southern Thailand. As the name of the tour suggests, the tour is conducted in the south part of this country. Although the length of the tour may vary from one tour provider to another, in this article, the one discussed is the 14-day one.

With such length of tour, you will need to pay 72,100 baht per person. With such amount of money paid, you will be able to enjoy the superb packages of bird watching program in the southern Thailand. This trip is commenced in Phuket. In this area, you will have the chance to have the top site of bird watching in Southern Thailand. This trip will surely be an agenda you shouldn’t miss when visiting Thailand.

The Itinerary oh Birding Tour in Southern Thailand– Itinerary Examples
Different tour provider may offer you different detail of itinerary. However, those tour providers will have similar itinerary. To help you picturize the birding tour, here is what you can expect to have during the birding tour in Southern Thailand:

The first day begins in Phuket. In this area, you will be escorted to Khao Sok to have bird watching there. Of all those 14 days of tour, you will spend around 2 or 3 days in Khao Sok National Park. Coming to day 4 or 6, you will spend lots of time at Khao Luang National park to explore the migratory and rare residence of birds.

Then on day 7 and 8, you will move to Thale Noi, Khao Pu to visit Khao Ya National Park. At this park, you will have another exploration of migratory and rare resident birds. Then on the next days which day 9 up to 11, you will visit Thale Ban National Park and Khao Nor Chuchi. At this park, you will able to see other kinds of birds that you haven’t seen in the previous parks such as Trogons, Broadbills, and Hombills. On day 12 -13, you will have more time to have more birding in Khao Nor Chuchi to explore some other kinds of bird. Finally, on day 14, you will have Mangrove Trip in Krabi Town.

Krabi TownWith such long tour, you will be able to have plenty time of birding. This surely becomes a great time for bird lovers like you. The tour may seem costly though but with such itinerary, that money will be returned to you in spectacular experience. Don’t miss this birding tour in Southern Thailand!

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