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Birding Tours in Southern Thailand's Most Beautiful Parks

Female Great Hornbill

If you're looking for a small group birding tours to remote and/or unspoiled destinations in southern Thailand, contact us. We have developed birding programs that allow you to experience the birding destination to its fullest. We have extensive knowledge of southern Thailand's best bird watching spots.

Our birding tours are fun, educational and easy. No experience is needed. You don't even have to be a birder, just a nature lover. Of course, serious birders are very welcomed. We will add birds to your life list! Let us know which birds you want to see.

Thailand is dominant in Southeast Asian birding. The abundance of tropical birds is unmatched by her neighboring countries. It's convenient and the birds are plentiful. Khao Sok National Park is our primary birding destination and certainly one of the most unique bird watching hotspots in southern Thailand. Khao Sok is also the hornbill capital of Southern Thailand. Kingfishers and rare raptors are common there.

The other destinations we offer are in Phang Nga Province. There are multiple combinations available in a variety of different habitats. Check out our recent bird sightings page. Click here to see our birding tour price list.

Birding Done on Foot or from Kayaks

Black-napped OrioleOur birding tours are designed with the general nature lover in mind. Beginner birders are very welcomed.

Experienced birders will certainly add birds to their life lists too.

There is birding done on foot as well in Khao Sok. Paddling just happens to be the most effective and efficient way to see our feathery friends. For the Khao Sok trip, don't worry if you've never paddled, it is extremely easy.

If you want to experience a lovely rural part of Thailand that is very close to Phuket, yet a century away in growth, look no further than Phang Nga Province.

You can participate in a two-day trip to Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary, some small parks, and some interesting rural areas.Contact us

This is definitely one of our most popular birding trips. Check out the Ton Pariwat birding checklist.

Click here to see our newest bird photo gallery by expert bird photographer Jorge Rodrigues.

Click here to see some bird photos from guest Ian Dugdale.

Birding Tour Destinations

Olive-backed SunbirdKhao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park's 165 square kilometer reservoir provides easy bird watching opportunities. We paddle a bit, then sit and watch the activities in the thick jungle. It's very easy.

Besides a abundance of monkeys, gibbons, and a variety of mammals, the diversity of bird life is nothing short of thrilling!

If you're looking to add birds to your life list, Khao Sok National Park will certainly fit the bill. Khao Sok can be part of an extended tour of Southern Thailand. Click here to read about your Khao Sok birding trip options.

Phang Nga Province Birding Tours

Green BroadbillPhang Nga Province is within an hour's drive from Phuket. There are a couple of nice forest parks and a wildlife sancturary that offer superb birding. Pittas, broadbills, barbets, babblers, warblers, flowerpeckers, sunbirds, kingfishers, and many more bird families reside in this special area.

Phang Nga Province is a piece of traditional Thailand. It is not heavily developed and there are a lot of birds all over the province.

We offer a combination birding trip to Phang Nga Province. that can include a secret valley near the Khao Sok river area, a remote temple, Sri Phang Nga National Park and if you want to start in Phuket, this is certainly an easy way to begin the adventure. Phuket offers suprisingly good birding.

Customized trips of various lengths can be arranged.

Thailand's Stunning Hornbills

Great HornbillHave you ever seen a hornbill? It is really easy if you know where to look.

The gregarious Bushy-crested Hornbills, Southern Pied Hornbills, Wreathed Hornbills and Oriental Pied Hornbills are actually fairly common in the south. The Helmeted Hornbill has an eerie call, often heard in the distance in some of the remaining wild areas. Seeing one is a special treat. Almost unbelievably, the Great Hornbill is a common sighting. Click here to read more about Thailand's hornbills.

Hornbill sightings are actually common in places like Khao Sok National Park. It is not unusual to see several species of hornbill in one day. It is very common to see uncommon birds.

Hornbill in a nestOf course, one of the best and easiest way to see the birds of Thailand is from the comfort and convenience of a kayak. You can sneak up on birds and other wildlife easily. Thailand Birding (a Division of Paddle Asia), a pioneering kayak bird watching nature tour operator, offer tours that are harmonious with the environment.

We are a nature-based paddling adventure company. Every aspect of our lives is naturally geared toward the enjoyment of the environment without unduly changing it.

We offer both hiking and paddling bird tours. We use kayaks to lessen our impact on the environment and to get closer to the natural world. Our hikes vary from extremely easy to fairly strenuous. If you're a serious birder, you know that it often takes a bit of hardship to get those very special birds.

Our ultimate goal is to expose our guests to the fabulous birding areas in southern Thailand without interfering with existing ecosystems.

Note: it is illegal for foreigners to guide, even for free. All trips must have a Thai guide. A foreigner can be a tour leader, but a Thai guide must also be involved. We are fully licensed, insured, and have work permits.

Check out the very medolious call of the White-rumped Shama, a common jungle bird.

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