6 Most Visited Birding Sites on Thailand

Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park

Thailand is the most quintessential birdwatching places of southeast Asia with various living bird fly on it. There are parks that can be visited as the introduction of Thai birds. These park will provide good selection of bird within the year that becomes most favorite place for bird lover. Therefore, some most visited place for bird lover need to be consider.

6 Most Visited Parks for Bird Watching in Thailand
As Thailand known for its house of various birds, the government of Thailand protect its bird living place under the law. Some most visited parks by bird watching in Thailand are;

1. Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park
This park often known as “green lung of Bangkok” called Bang Krajao. It is located in the province of Samut Prakarn and surrounded by city of Bangkok. This park is opened in 2003 where half of the park stand overgrown coconut plantation which in fact attract lot of bird species. This park consist of a lake with garden next to it in a medium size.

Suan Rot Fai

2. Suan Rot Fai
This park used to be used as golf course until the year of 2000. It is located in Bangkok, and in some times, traveler will be impressed to fell like in somewhere really rural and suburban. This happen because the birds there create a valuable oasis which can be seen in 2 to 3 hours in the morning. Furthermore, it only need short trip with taxi from central city. Suan Rot Fai has at leat 40 species of birds.

3. Suan Lumphini
One of valuable areas for bird watching located in greenspace areas of Bangkok. During September to October and April-May, most interesting species appear in Lumpini park where a number of species is recorded.

4. Suan Luang
The reason to visit this park is the short trip to Bangkok and good for them who only have few time for bird watching. This park is designed in tribute to the king. Therefore, this park is manicured carefully, covered with planted borders and sport areas. This park is good for them who like greeny town with valuable birds on it.

5. Suan Phuttamonton
This park is located outside Bangkok and neighbour of Nakorn Pathom province. This area attract a huge number of birds and included into a good place for picnic. This park consist of open woodland with womn grass under the canopy where some birds also flies over there.

6. Doi Ithanon National Park
This park is located in Thailand’s highest mountain.the large area becomes the place of quality huge number of bird species. This park allow bird watcher to spend some time on the trail to look for many unique birds.

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