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Thailand Birding Guides

Dave WilliamsDave Williams is a lifelong naturalist and avid bird lover. He was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1955. He lived in Florida, Indiana, Hawaii, and Virginia. He left Virginia and headed for the tropics in 1993. Since then he has lived in Thailand in both Phuket and Krabi. Dave spends much of his time in his favorite destination in Southern Thailand, Khao Sok National Park.

In his youth, Dave dreamed of living off the land in a very simple, low impact fashion. The preservation of the environment has always been his highest priority. He has always had a special relationship with all thing natural.

Dave worked his way up to middle management in a big US corporation. He was living the "American Dream". But that wasn't at all satisfying. So, in 1993 he left the 'normal' working world to follow his dream. You can join his vision of a world with plants and animals taking the highest priority. His enthusiasm is contagious!

Dave is a lifelong student of all facets of natural history, especially ornithology, biology, entomology, and botany. He has a very broad knowledge of the birds of Thailand as well as a good working knowledge of the mangroves and other plants of Thailand as well.

Thailand Birding is a division of PaddleAsia and our bird watching tours visit Southern Thailand's best birding destinations.

Most birding trips are run by our Thai guides. They are not experts, but they will show you lots of birds.

Certification in CPR & First Aid

Dave is an Emergency First Response Instructor and a certified rescue technician through the Rescue 3 International organization. View certifications. All of our professional guides are certified in CPR and First Aid through Emergency First Response.

Dave Williams in Khao Sok National Park