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Thailand Birding - Photography

Digiscoping bird photographyBird photography is a fast-growning pastime. Some photographers use the spotting scopes and digital cameras to capture birds. Others, those without financial restrictions, use top-end cameras with massive lens.

Thailand offers wonderful bird photography opportunities. The variety of terrain in Southern Thailand affords a diversity of species. From mangrove to secondary growth to old growth to lowland jungle, Southern Thailand has it all.

It is very easy to escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily tourism grind. Just across the bridge from Phuket is Phang Nga Province which has many national parks and wildlife reserves. And past that is Khao Sok National Park with a stunning freshwater reservoir.

We offer Two-day Birding Tours to Phang Nga Province, this is gently hiking and we sleep in a guesthouse overnight. This is a great way to add birds to your life list.

If seeing hornbills is your goal, we offer multi-day trips to Khao Sok National Park. Hornbills are common there, but to the remoteness of where we stay in the park, three days is our minimum tour.

Birding is mainly done from the convenience of a traditional decked kayaks. Wildlife sightings are common as well; from Macaques to wild pigs, to wild elephants, Khao Sok is a nature lovers dream come true.