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hailand Bird Photos, Gallery #2

The birding in Thailand is outstanding! Dave Williams, Thailand Birding's birding specialist, is a fanatic birdwatcher. Whether you're a birder or not, you'll be impressed with the birds of Thailand... what a variety!

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The following photos are from good friend, Lee Thayer, who lives in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

Bird Photo Gallery #1

Asian Paradise Flycatchers are fairly common at Khao Sok National Park. They are dimorphic. They are either white with a sort of bluish-black head or rufous with a bluish-black head. Males have long central tail streamers, females don't.

Red-crowned Barbets are rare residents of lowland evergreen forests. Habitat destruction threatens their survival. Most barbets are difficult to see as the inhabit the upper canopy of the jungle. They are primarily frugivorous.

Helmeted Hornbills are true treats to see or hear. We see them every time we go to Khao Sok National Park. It has an eerie call which starts out as a series of hoots. It speeds up and rises into an accelerating sound which is a sort of ha, ha, ha. Once you hear one, you'll not soon forget it! Like a lot of hornbills, it often makes this call shortly before taking flight.

Oriental Pied Hornbills are probably the most common hornbill seen in southern Thailand. We see them in Phang Nga Bay, on the islands of Trang province, everywhere around Tarutao Marine Park, and at Khao Sok National Park. They are gregarious. Huge flocks of them can be seen flying together, especially during the breeding season.

Rhinoceros Hornbills are only found in the deep south in Thailand. They are rare. Like some other hornbills, the male's eye is red and the female's is white.

Greater Racket-tailed Drongos can easily be seen swooping down on insects in the late afternoon at Tarutao Marine Park headquarters. It's almost a sure thing. We also see these birds in Phuket and Khao Sok National Park. Their long tail feathers make this strange bird a nice addition to anyone's life list.