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Southern Thailand Birdwatching Destinations Overview

Birdwatching by kayak is both easy and very productive. There are birds in all of our unique kayaking destinations. We are the first and foremost birding tour operator in Phuket and Southern Thailand.

Some of our birding tours, however, are done on foot by hiking.

Ashy Drongo photoKhao Sok National Park - Kayaking

One of the easiest ways to encounter the birds of Thailand is from the comfort, convenience, and safety of a kayak. You can slide silently to the thick rain forest. Khao Sok's massive 165 square kilometer reservoir has hundreds of coves to explore. This is where we do our best birding. Sitting in a cove, you quickly become part of the scene. Wildlife doesn't seem to mind us being there.

The birding and wildlife sightings are unbelievable! Hornbills are actually common. In fact, we've actually seen 6 species of hornbills in Khao Sok. We see five species on a regular basis: Great Hornbills, Wreathed Hornbills, Bushy-crested Hornbills, Oriental Pied Hornbills and during November and December, we often see the very strange Helmeted Hornbills. We sometimes see Southern Pied Hornbills, White-Crowned Hornbills and Plain-pouched Hornbills.

Khao Sok birding tripDave is an avid birder and has sighted and is familiar with most of birds in southern Thailand.

In additions to the exotic birds, there are plenty of Long-tailed Macaques (monkeys), Pig-tail macaques, Dusky Langurs (monkeys), and even White-handed gibbons (apes). We see all of these on most trips. One thing is inevitable, you’ll see and/or hear a lot of monkeys and gibbons.

Elephants can still be found in the park and we see them rather often.

We stay in unique, low impact, floating bamboo bungalows. These bungalows are very basic. One thing that still amazes us is the rareness of mosquitoes. What an nice bonus.

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Phang Nga Bay - Kayaking

Phang Nga Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Thailand. Every day over a dozen canoeing companies and countless independent operators take tourists to a few well-known locations in the Bay. The result is similar to road traffic in Bangkok. It's noisy, congested, and chaotic. The tourists see the famous "hongs", or inner island lagoons in some of the islands, and make the obligatory trip to see "James Bond Island".

Southern Thailand birdingEach of our trip leaders has paddled extensively in Phang Nga Bay since 1993. The Bay is a large, lovely area that seems different in every change in weather and light. There are many fine secluded islands that can be explored at our leisure in comfortable touring kayaks. In these areas, where only the occasional fisherman is seen, wildlife is plentiful.

Our guests, paddling at their own pace, quickly learn the difference between White-belly Sea Eagles and Brahminy Kites (another large raptor) by the wing configuration while in flight. Other frequent sightings include Pacific Reef Egrets, a wide variety of Kingfishers, Little Herons, Frigate Birds, and Blue Rock Thrushes. Sometimes we catch sight of Oriental Pied Hornbills perched in trees or in flight. Flameback Woodpeckers, a variety of Bulbuls and many other perching birds are often seen on the islands we visit.

We frequently come upon large monitor lizards sunning on rocks, and often see Crab-eating Macaques on the beach or moving in trees near the water. Sometimes we see Dusky langurs in trees high on a cliff face.

It is the quiet and solitude that we seek as individual paddlers.
It is this environment which we offer our guests.

We stay in bungalows on an island with a wonderful view of limestone karst formations spread out before us. We enjoy the laid back quality of island life. We aren't too interested in tent camping, which in the tropics we find not very comfortable.

Our escort boat is large enough to carry our boats and gear, and has plenty of room under the roof to sit out of the sun between visits to islands.

We offer two day day trips into the Bay, for two to six people. Small groups, touring kayaks, orientation to proper paddling technique and safety, islands off the beaten path - this is Thailand Birding.

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Orange-bellied FlowerpeckerPhang Nga Province - Hiking

Phang Nga Province offers many birding opportunities. The terrain varies from mangrove forests, to marshland, to secondary jungle to old-growth jungle. The best time of the year to visit Phang Nga Province for bird watching is from December through March as the many species of migratory birds will be present.

Many birds are very active during April and May too as it is their breeding season. Mangrove and Blue-winged Pittas, for example, are very active during this time. They call regularly and it is the easiest time to find these normally elusive tropical birds.

We are avid birding professionals with sincere interest in showing you a wide variety of birds. Our knowledge covers not only the names of all the birds in Thailand, but their calls, habitat, characteristics, and patterns of behavior. We live in Phuket and go birding all the time in Phang Nga Province.

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Our knowledge of the birding environment is unparalleled.
We are the only ones who do what we do.