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Thailand Birding Kayaking Tour - Khao Sok National Park

Southern Thailand offers some extraordinary birding opportunities. We've put together a package tour that includes some of the best birding in all of Southeast Asia. Thailand still hosts over 950 species of birds - a twitcher's paradise. Many of them are in southern Thailand. Naturally, if you're here during the migratory season (December through March), you'll see more birds, but any time is a great time to come birding in Southern Thailand.

Blue-crowned Hanging ParrotLevel: very easy (our easiest trip)
Season: all year
Best Season: The middle of December through March
Feature: abundant wildlife & stunning limestone formations

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok is a superb birding destination. The park was established in December of 1980. It covers 646 square kilometers. The terrain is evergreen jungle, bamboo and limestone crags. This diversity in foliage provides different habitat for a large variety of birds. From waders such as the Chinese Pond-Heron and Red-wattled Lapwing to Hornbills, Pitta and Trogons to a bunch of different colorful kingfishers. A large number of raptor species call Khao Sok home and quite a few visit as migratory species. As there are hundreds of dead trees along to 165 square kilometer reservoir, there are a wide variety of woodpeckers. The Great Slaty Woodpecker is common at Khao Sok National Park!

Green BroadbillSeeing Birds from a Kayak

Kayaking is easier than you might think. There is a distinct advantage to birding by kayaks. You can 'sneak up' on birds quite easily. You can access areas, such as thick stands of bamboo, without spooking birds. In the jungle, it's difficult to see hornbills. the best you can hope for is a brief glimpse as they fly overhead. Being out in the open in a kayak, you see them for longer periods. They often perch in trees well in view from a kayak.

Khao Sok - Oriental Pied HornbillsHiking Trails in Khao Sok

The hornbill picture is of Oriental-Pied Hornbills. They are quite common and very gregarious. Click here to read more about Thailand's hornbills.

We also hike to see birds too. The trails vary from very easy to mildly strenuous. There are creek beds with slippery rocks as well as very flat terrain with open woodland. We have hikes that take about three hours. We also offer hikes that take most of the day to complete. Each trip is tailored to the individual needs of the group members.

One trail has proven to be a really nice place to see species that are difficult to see from the water. Both Chestnut-naped Forktails and White-crowned Forktails reside here. We've seen Crested Jays as well as the stunning Red-backed Kingfisher (Oriental Dwarf).

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No experience is needed for any of our trips. The majority of our guests have never paddled before. No problem, we'll teach you proper paddling technique. Our hikes are safe and easy as well.

Our trips are all-inclusive. This price includes: all transfers (airfare not included), all equipment, accommodations once on the trip, all meals, all snacks, all non-alcoholic drinks, a complimentary PaddleAsia shirt and insurance.