How To Plan The Birding Tours In Thailand

Birding Tours In Thailand

Interested in joining the birding tours? Then prepare things well. Cleaning up and upgrading the camera is not the only thing to do. Book the trip and pay attention to the detail. Keep in mind that many people are expecting a nice trip. Don’t be a mood breaker just because of administrative problem.

Set The Plan
It’s Thailand! Unless the guest has been there before, then it is not recommended to go to the forest alone. It is better to have experienced guide show the way in and out. For additional information, some jungle in Thailand is sacred and local people do some rituals there. Nobody wants to break the rule they don’t know exist, right?

Thus, the first step is planning the tour. Check on the leave permission whether the guest is allowed to have longer holiday in Thailand. Don’t forget to contact the travel agent. On the first call, the guests might ask about the price and the whole itinerary. If the schedule has been set, don’t forget to send the copy of passport to the travel. Otherwise, they have full right to deny the application.

Another important thing is checking the payment system. Some travels puts different conditions for different destination. For instance, the destination outside Thailand require advance payment at least three months before the date. The amount transferred should be at least half of the total price. Some other destinations in Thailand might not need such requirement. It is okay to pay or cancel the book one day before the tour.

Long term holiday plan might have some alteration in the last minute. In this case, the guests should be prepared to pay the cancellation fee. Check the date for the cancellation. Is it 90 days before the scheduled tour? Then there is no penalty that should be paid.

The guests might not be able to get the full refund if the cancellation is made between 90 to 30 days prior to the tour. Half of the cost has been paid to the third party such as hotels and restaurants to make a reservation. Thus, it is not possible to get all the money back. Any cancellation made before thirty days of the tour will get no refund.

The birding tours is more or less similar to the vacation package. There will be itinerary, places to visit and time to gather. Before the guests could get more details about the tour, don’t forget to settle the payment and give notes to the guide! Spend a little more effort to prepare the tour!

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