Meet Baya Weavers In The Birding Tours

Meet Baya Weavers In The Birding Tours

Nowadays people love the idea of birding tours. It is basically an activity where the tourists visit the bird natural habitat. During the visit, the guests will be accompanied by the experienced local guide. This is a plus point, since the tourist could ask more details about baya weaver.

The Daily Habit
In Thailand, there are three species of Baya Weavers. It is normal to see them on the tress and any other areas near to the paddy field. They feed on seeds. Where do they get them? From the paddy field of course. When it is far from harvesting time, the birds fly to the deep of the forest. Aside from the tree and paddy field, the baya weavers species could also be found near the lake or damp.

The male species from this species is mesmerizing. The feather is yellow and gold, starting from the head and down the tail. The wings, in contrast, is gray black. The peak and the eyes are also pitch black.

Peak-Made Nesting
Any product made personally by humans is called hand made products. In birds stand, the nest is made by tying several tweaks, brought together in place using their peak. Thus, the nesting is “peak-made”. The visitors who can get the pictorial of the building process would be so lucky. They could literally snap how the small bird fly back and forth to find the suitable tweaks.

Before baya weaver starts building the nest, they pick a branch first. Then it starts make the base from the branch, down to the dome. There is also a entrance and nesting bed for the female. It is quite difficult to frame the entrance since the entrance is located at the top of the dome.

There are more interesting pictures to snap when the female bird inspect the nest. Some females will check the nest bedding, wriggling their tails and sit on it. If they don’t like the nest, then the females will fly away. Should the nest could please the female, then they will mate right away. When it happens, the nests is automatically closed for the other females.

In the normal days, baya weaver is considered a pest. Why? The little birds love to nip on the farmers’ paddy field. Sometimes, they come in a big group, eating wholeheartedly. All these disturbance might just disappear when the nesting season comes. Join birding tours and see how amazing the nest is!

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