Reason Why You Need Thailand Birding Holidays

Thailand Birding Holidays

Bird is one of animals which we can’t see it flapping around every day. We are in fact every day surrounded by these flying, best vocal and colorful creature. Another fascinating fact, it is actually dinosaurs. It is the only one surviving lineage of dinosaurs which pass a great extinction 66 million years. Further, Thailand is a place of a huge species of birds. That is why you need Thailand for having bird watching holidays

4 Reasons Why You Need Thailand Birding Holidays

1. Thailand as House of Birds
Birding helps people to connect with nature since this creature is one of nature ambassador. There are thousand species of bird flying across the islands and parks. After having a huge working activities, it is time to connect our mind with nature. Bird’s voice, colors, and their plumage pattern helps us to reconnect and learn about the green nature. Thailand is a place of thousands bird species which can be easily found in some places.

2. Birding is Fun and Healthy
Spending time looking for birds in Thailand will be great for human physical, mental as well as emotional health. It is so since we are running try to catch up with some birds rather than just sitting and watching movie at your house. Beside, looking for birds in an open air close to the nature is healthy and good for every aged people. Spending holiday for bird watching in Thailand will slowly stimulate your mind in healthy ways. Our brain keeps on having green forest as our place to spend and for sure will spend energy for health. Whether you do birding alone or not, birding activities can gain happiness experiences.

3. Having New Friends
In Thailand, you will find the tour guide which is the native of the place. Some other from are local bird watcher who are known as respectful inhabitant. Birding in Thailand will also create some small or large group around from the world. The modern era where internet is spread around the world makes bird lover meet even create a group of their own. Sometime arrange schedule to go birding together after the free information across the planet.

4. Easy Way to Access
Any bird enthusiast will know that Thailand is valuable place for many living birds. Beside, not only in the forest, in fact the huge urban such Bangkok also have full of birds in some parks that is created by the government. The parks in some city only takes few hour to travel to the park.

Those are only few reason why people need birding holidays in Thailand. Bird lover will have more reasons to choose Thailand for birding especially for Asian. In addition, Thailand is a good and welcome country for bird lover from all over the world.

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