Thailand and its Birding Tours You Can Consider

Thailand and its Birding Tours You Can Consider

Thailand and its Birding Tours You Can Consider – Thailand is a country with quite a lot of tourists both local and foreign. Having a different culture from other countries becomes a different value for choosing Thailand as a tourist destination in spending a pleasant vacation. Tourist sites in Thailand are also very many and one of them that we can do in Thailand is birding tour. Birding tour has different advantages to do because the vacation experience from birding tour is very different than visiting tourist attractions such as temples or historical buildings and culinary and shopping centers. Birding tour provides a different experience to get to know the wild in Thailand. We can get new information about the wild in Thailand. In fact, we can also add our insights about the ecosystems that exist in forests in Thailand.

To do a birding tour, there are several online give a review about locations we can visit. The first is Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park. This park has been opened since 2003 and part of the park is planted with coconut plants where this situation attracts many species of birds to come to this park. Located in the province of Samut Prakarn, the park is known as the “green lungs of Bangkok” because the park is surrounded by the city of Bangkok. Inside, there is a lake with a fairly large garden next to it.

Next, there is Suan Rot Fai. Having at least about 40 species of birds, Suan Rot Fai is a land that was used as a golf course until 2000. Located in the city of Bangkok, this place is very easy to reach from the city. We only need to take a short trip from the city center to this location. What is interesting about this place is that among the bustle of a city, there are still places where many birds gather in the morning.

its Birding Tours You Can Consider

Suan Luang, still around Bangkok, this place provides a reason to be visited by tourists who want to see birds because of its close proximity. Some time, we can enjoy the beauty of birds in this area. This park was built as a place of appreciation for the king of Thailand; therefore, this park is very well cared for and given a barrier and a sports area. This park is great for you who like a green city with beautiful birds in it. Actually, there are still many spots for birding tour in Thailand you can visit.

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