The Itinerary oh Birding Tour in Southern Thailand

Thailand has more than just plenty of tourism attractions. Even in the southern part of it, you have lots of places that are great to have a superb experience: birding tour in Southern Thailand. Read the information below so that you won’t miss this experience when visiting Thailand:

The Itinerary oh Birding Tour in Southern Thailand– Product Information
To give you a short introduction to this program, here are some important points you should know regarding the birding tour in Southern Thailand. As the name of the tour suggests, the tour is conducted in the south part of this country. Although the length of the tour may vary from one tour provider to another, in this article, the one discussed is the 14-day one.

With such length of tour, you will need to pay 72,100 baht per person. With such amount of money paid, you will be able to enjoy the superb packages of bird watching program in the southern Thailand. This trip is commenced in Phuket. In this area, you will have the chance to have the top site of bird watching in Southern Thailand. This trip will surely be an agenda you shouldn’t miss when visiting Thailand.

The Itinerary oh Birding Tour in Southern Thailand– Itinerary Examples
Different tour provider may offer you different detail of itinerary. However, those tour providers will have similar itinerary. To help you picturize the birding tour, here is what you can expect to have during the birding tour in Southern Thailand:

The first day begins in Phuket. In this area, you will be escorted to Khao Sok to have bird watching there. Of all those 14 days of tour, you will spend around 2 or 3 days in Khao Sok National Park. Coming to day 4 or 6, you will spend lots of time at Khao Luang National park to explore the migratory and rare residence of birds.

Then on day 7 and 8, you will move to Thale Noi, Khao Pu to visit Khao Ya National Park. At this park, you will have another exploration of migratory and rare resident birds. Then on the next days which day 9 up to 11, you will visit Thale Ban National Park and Khao Nor Chuchi. At this park, you will able to see other kinds of birds that you haven’t seen in the previous parks such as Trogons, Broadbills, and Hombills. On day 12 -13, you will have more time to have more birding in Khao Nor Chuchi to explore some other kinds of bird. Finally, on day 14, you will have Mangrove Trip in Krabi Town.

Krabi TownWith such long tour, you will be able to have plenty time of birding. This surely becomes a great time for bird lovers like you. The tour may seem costly though but with such itinerary, that money will be returned to you in spectacular experience. Don’t miss this birding tour in Southern Thailand!

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