Things You Need to Pack for Birding Holiday

Things You Need to Pack for Birding Holiday

Birding holiday is commonly stated in a country with limited access to a huge supplies. In fact, traveler will be far from adequate shop and other facilities even in a developed country. Therefore, having these handy thing will ease your birding holiday. Beside, it will ease the traveler in case they have some difficulties during the trip.

  • Things to Bring While Birding Holiday
    Some people need to bring things that is require for their trip. Some trips require different things to pack. Therefore, traveler need to make a list to what are thing they need to bring during birding holiday.
  • Optic
    Binocular and camera are handy thing to pack for birding holiday. These thing is a must since the result of the photography would be the memory od the holiday. It is better to bring the small back-up pair of them to avoid the misplace of them
  • Electronic Equipments
    Some handy electronic equipment s are such flashlight, iPad/tablet, charger and cable, universal adaptor, as well as headphone/earphone. Flashlight is functioned as for doing checklist in an obscure situation. iPad/tablet is for editing the photo you have taken because it is more compact than a laptop. Charger is for other electronic battery needs. If you have multiple devices to charge, adaptor is the best choise. Earphone helps you to relax during bird hunting by listening to music or watching some videos.
  • Cloth
    Types of clothes is needed to be chosen seeing the weather of the destination because whatever the situation or the weather, good cloth will helps you feeling convert during birding holiday. Further, since the birding destination usually located in a mountain or forested region, thick clothes are the best choise to pack.
  • Things You Need to Pack for Birding HolidayyHealth-related knick-knack
    Travelers may pack sunscreen, hand sanitizer, anti-dehydration powders, and some medication such as cold and flu medication, energy booster, and cough drop. Furthermore, buff or bandana is also needed to be packed to keep the dust out of the place. This is a good way to prevent a cough.
  • ODDS and ENDS
    Cable ties is however useful in some situations, as well as extra shoelaces. Super glue is also needed for medical situation, a carabiner, leatherman (optional), large zip lock bag since traveler may be in need of waterproof thing or a makeshift laundry bag.
  • Additional thing
    For coffee lover, it is good to travel like hunting bird while enjoying morning or afternoon coffee break in the middle of the forest. An Aeropress is good to pack while birding. It is quick and easy to clean and very lightweight.

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