What Cost Birding Tours Does Not Cover?

What Cost Birding Tours Does Not Cover

When someone registers to birding tours, there is a note on the form about all the facilities provided by the travel. Make sure to check whether more insurances should be added. It is better to feel safe rather than sorry.

During the registration process, the tourists should present their travel insurance. There are several types of health insurance, some of them cover all things: health accident, repatriation and accident. Pick the one that includes all of them. It might be a little bit more expensive and safer in many ways.

Please keep in mind that the travel will not pay for any of the guest’s loss. If they plan to bring expensive stuff, it it their obligation to register the items to the insurance. Also check the process to claim the medical cost, just to make sure.

Passport And Visa
Traveling from different countries? Don’t forget to see the expire date of the passport. If the legal document is not valid anymore in the next six months after the trip, then stop the planning. It is too dangerous, as the guests might get into some document checking. Several cities are just so strict about the rules.

Visa is a must for countries abroad. The cost of Visa making procedure is not covered by the travel agent. However, the travel agent might be able to help. It is an option given to the guests. If they know different agent and pay cheaper price, then go for it!

Another cost that is not paid by the travel agent is vaccination. Don’t forget that the tour takes place in the forest. There is a high chance to get bitten by unknown animal and get infected after. To prevent such event, consult the closest hospital. Mention the plan to join bird tour in Thailand. They usually have the list of vaccination to get before the flight.

Those who forget to get the shot will be forced to take them in Thailand. Of course, the cost caused by additional shot would be settled by the guests. Similar action will be taken if the guests are sick during the tour.

Take note that the travel agency is not the insurance agency. The visitors who lost something cannot ask for the refund. Some of them are covered within the insurance cost, while personal belongings will be the responsibility of each guest. Don’t miss the joy of birding tours for a simple mistake!

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